Won't you come for dinner?

(Ignoring that the previous post is missing…)

Hooray, today we took off! Except there’s no engine #3. So we’re just sorta getting by with two. The airship is bumbling along, really. Which is fine by me. I’d prefer it not be in the air at all! Our destination is Sansapia in Burieze, as set by our glorious leader who will probably kill us if we question her, Jade!

Sleep was great. It turns out, if I successfully jerk off I can sleep without too much concern! But I didn’t. But we rested anyway! Hooray!

The goat is now hornless. Apparently because he wasn’t good to his goddess? What a weird relationship. So sad, so tragic.

Turns out we killed the primary navigator in our last battle, so now hornless goat is our navigator. Unexpectedly, goat is able to navigate somewhere between average and good. Worked out in the end.

The rest of the group wandered off to check out the engine situation and stumbled into a group in a broom closet talking about what to do next. For some reason this included the chef.

When we arrived, a gnome was working on engine #3, which is leaking. And oozing. I guess the engine needs to be cooled. They tell me, ’There’s too much heat too fast.’ (According to Sila, who talked with the gnome about this.)

Well, all I know is there’s a tear and a weird ooze – I guess the one francis was fighting on top of the airship? – now burning through the metal. I tried to scrape the ooze into a bucket and it ate through the bucket. Threw the bucket overboard.

Decided to take the child and go to different areas and see what I could find. Found out the ooze is black pudding, and consequently that meant it was created. Except the crew thought it was ours, and we thought it was theirs.

Checked out the armory. It’s full of pointy things and explosive tubes. Neat!

We met with the cook… Wait, Was the ooze created by the cook? The chef wants us to freeze the ooze; it sure seems like he could’ve made it. Well, we froze the ooze and gave it back to him anyway.

At some point the child grew back up again. I… can’t even begin to understand how he works.

Apparently the Chef really takes his work seriously and didn’t take kindly to me calling his food ‘excellent’. So now I’m in some weird bone hands that came out of the floor. I feel like this has gone well. I got invited to dinner.



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