We travel to a Very Old temple with necromancy at my fringes

a tale of perfectly roasted wieners

Dear Diary,

The Lamal people want to see examples of my Wild Magic. (Well, who wouldn’t?) I do some prestidigitation for them because I’m a people-pleaser.

We learn of a temple built 20 years ago to honor the loss of the Heart of the Sea. The consensus of the Lamal people is that this loss was a big tragedy and the Queen sucks. We also hear of a Bardo who has a brother who wandered into the forest. The forest is now not safe (for the past few months) but there’s an old temple in there – very old – plausibly a temple to Ikthay. There’s a really old tree growing in the temple — like the temple was built around the tree kind of thing. It was planted as a source for lapus lazuli.

Goat-friend decides this means we must go into the forest. (I don’t think he likes being told that we shouldn’t do something.) We will go after visiting the town of Gourde, of course.

So now we are on our way going through the woods to Gourde and someone is in the bushes. There are a number of tiny scaled draconian figures, bipedal in nature. A battle ensues and I am a big contributor to our triumph! Victory is ours over the fierce kobolds!

Sila speaks with a dead kobold. (This is now a thing, I guess.) The kobolds worked for a big hunk (a “borc” we infer) from Munch (the capital of Okra) and the secret code to speak with him is “it will rise again.”

We then encounter travelers from the east. “May the dragon bless you,” they intone. By this they mean the god of the river, Lord Op-Su. The blue god was the dragon’s gift to us. The orange dragon is the “golden devil” and “the adversary.” So I guess we know where these people stand on the issues. They tell us that some priests (blue feathers and a diamond pattern) were guarding the path to the temple and warned them off. The priests are protecting people from the temple. “We’ve all heard the rumors,” which are apparently so obvious that they aren’t repeated for us to hear.

Long rest. We camp. We have perfectly roasted wieners.

The next day, we come to a town. There are lots of clerics in blue feathered robes. We reveal that we are on a mission for the Queen. We’re told that we must speak to Grabbo, the head priest. He’s an elder Lamal with impressive head gear: blue diamonds, feathers, lush. Grabbo is surprised the Queen sent us as they have things under control. I let him know that we are prophets and he asks who really sent us. It’s like he’s a mind-reader!

Grabbo confirms that we shouldn’t go to the temple as we will die. I clarify that we are heroic adventurers and we don’t really die in situations where others would. It is in fact the miracles that make us prophets.

WE CHARGE THE TEMPLE!!! AND DIE!!! No, not really.

Obviously goat-friend must go to the temple even more now that someone else has warned us off. And off we go. We notice dried blood on our way to the temple. Sila worries. And Azimar senses evil here.

At last…the temple! Vine and root covered walls. Decay and moss. The canopy of a large tree. Large opening via a gateway. We see an altar with colored panels: green, purple, blue, in a three by three array. Statuary of praying Lamals. Open tombs.

There is arcane magic on the panel. Rhystio suggests hiding in the tombs, but Sila dispels the magic on the panel. I then detect magic in the area and I can confirm that there is now zero magic on the panel (this is probably good?) but necromancy is pricking at the fringes of my range. As it were.

Your devoted student of life,



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