Azimar is Drunk

Drunk in Love of Restra

We begin in the throne room, speaking with the Queen. She has granted us an audience, despite her fear of us. She fears the unknown, the ignorance of her provincial state and her powerlessness to defend her people from a tiny penguin creature wearing a strange black hat.

Sila casts tongues on Azimar. He speaks and everyone understands. The queen remarks that he is a funny-looking Lamal. She demands that we explain ourselves. We do so, reiterating that we come in peace and that the warship which brought us here was the only means we had to overcome the figurative wall of literal Krakens. Azimar explains his devotion to Restra to the Queen. He speaks of justice and consent. The queen listens and understands. She agrees to treat us as guests in the kingdom and allows us to free our companions from the prison.

We leave the queen and encounter a woman named Ahat. She is intrigued by our mission and wants to introduce us to others who will be interested in what we know and wish to do. We follow her to the observatory where a human and bork are fighting over controls. The language barrier still blocks us, but they give us a magical auto-tune megaphone which allows us to communicate in any language. We introduce ourselves to them and tell them of our mission to resurrect the blue whale. They think we are a little crazy. They assume the whales were mythological. We tell them about the orange whale and how we rode it through the sky and the blue egg under the sea, guarded by a strange flumph with an interesting gender system.

We hear screaming in the hallway. We return to the main chamber where queen is. We hear pleas for help from some villagers. After talking to the queen, we learn that there are reports from a village called Okra of people disappearing in the woods and a foul smell. We agree to investigate.

Before we leave we go to the dungeon to free Jade. Azimar is upset with her for being reckless and unethical. He taunts her with unlocking the cell, but Jade indignantly demonstrates the already unlocked cell door. She leaves the cell and tosses Azimar the keys. Azimar tries to pin her against the wall, but Jade dodges him. Azimar stumbles. Jade accuses him of being drunk.

We head to Okra, motivated by Rarebit’s charisma. We run faster but also while apparently singing a musical. Some guards applaud us. Rhystio picks up an orb found by the guards. He sees visions of the future. There are undead in Okra and a Lamal necromancer. The ship is burning.

We arrive at a chocolate house. Rarebit asks for cayenne chocolate and is promptly insulted.



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