A wall of cauliflower with lightning

First three days at sea

Dear diary,

We finally got a chance to rest in a proper locale that had a magic dealer and we bought some stuff. Syla has her ooze in its own terrarium now. Major upgrade. I am now wearing a collar that helps control or at least somewhat my Wild Magic moments; Goat Friend has agreed to be the master of the collar and make good choices for me while I am in a Wild Magic state. The collar is fur-lined and very comfy.

Syla assists Francis to teleport home, although we aren’t sure if that worked properly (see below). Also, he left his Gender Cube; we keep it as a memento, where “we” means Goat Friend.

There is no rest for the wicked, though, and we soon departed with Jade and her crew — safely lodged in a gazebo atop the world whale, which Goat Friend has christened Francis, Jr. We are finally heading toward and past the figurative wall of literal krakens, which has been looming over our adventures for some moons now. We are in fact headed toward the source of the Heart of the Sea, and to where another world whale had (?) existed.

We sense some magical disturbance(s) and of note Wild Magic is happening with the casting of all arcane spells AND teleportation is FUBAR. (These symptoms are consistent with the appearance of the dargons, which Nezyl had associated with the appearance of a new world whale some time ago.)


We met Perry, Jade’s first mate, and Jade tells us all about the previous world whale which had an egg. The Heart of Gold’s essence was transferred to the egg, which was taken to a floating island where the egg hatched, hence Francis, Jr. I’m not sure I followed everything but Goat Friend can surely explain it to me if that becomes necessary. (Also, Nezyl had told us, moons ago, that the passing of power from world whale to world whale cause a great imbalance.)

At the end of our first day at sea, the moon rises and the Gender Cube of Francis loses its form and melts into Goat Friend’s hand (I’m sure this was meant to say hoof). Goat Friend puts the Gender Fluid into a vessel, if you know what I mean.


Goat friend is stronger and stupider. On the western horizon, we see a dark thing. Ko, our navigator, says we are running into a storm; Jade presses on. Perry notes that it will burn extra fuel to fly above the storm. We prepare to fly over the storm, despite it looking ginormous and the consequential risk of running out of fuel. Syla’s goddess lets us know that “we need to find a rhythm.”

The storm is like a wall of cauliflower with lightning!

From below, we hear gurgling noises – someone speaking Aquan. Strong words, probably wants to eat us. We rise above the storm and it’s hard to breathe up here; we ride it out for a half day or so.

We lower down again. Babbling may have stopped? We ride below the storm and above the sea, resting overnight.


The main cannon was not stocked; seems perfectly not-normal to me. We press onward anyway. Goat Friend is smarter but uglier today.

Rhystio, Jade, and I totally hear some singing — lovely music. Big discussion ensues where lame-turds who cannot hear the music don’t want to see what the music is all about. Not sure why they are being so ornery.

The airship lurches and dives – stopping the music, which is way-not-cool. A tentacle is grabbing us from below (where else?).

I use a Magic Cannon to focus a Fireball spell toward the tentacle – partially successful! I get a boner – I mean a bonus action – and use a Bolt of True Strike, which obviously hits. Obvi.

Syla is now doing a Suggestion on the tentacle. (That sounds suggestive right there.) Oh, there are a second and third tentacles appearing out of the water. A burbling sound is in our heads: “Where would you like me to take you?” The Kraken (we assume that’s what this is) asks what draws us to the Island of Bleu (a world whale) and if we worship the goddess (yes) and if we follow the tenets of the ocean goddess (no). The Kraken will carry us for the predictable future! Hooray!

I’m sure this is all going to turn out just fine.

Your obedient scribe,



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